Gulf PA Terminals, Harrisburg, PA

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   Load Rack operation is supplied in a multi-tiered system to support multiple terminals sharing a common database. Each terminal can work independently of the central database in case it is not available. Touch screen data entry is provided for the drivers at the load rack. Staged product pump control is done using PLCs. Loading operations are controlled using Toptech Systems MultiLoad hardware. The software design integrates inventory and customer billing with the load rack operations.

Petro-Diamond Terminal Company, Long Beach, CA

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   Load Rack operations use Smith Meter Accuload III with an ZK Technology InBio 460 Fingerprint system for driver verification. Drivers are prompted through the Acculoads for their selections. Tank inventory control is integrated with the loading operation. Database concurrency is accomplished by using dual on-line SQL Anywhere 12.0 databases.

Kinder Morgan, Richmond, VA

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Kinder Morgan

   This system controls the load racks for an trans-mix refinery. Driver prompting and load rack control is done through Smith Meter Accuload III presets.

Fred M. Schildwachter & Sons, Bronx, NY

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   This system utilizes PLCs for control of top loader mechanical presets with proximity card readers for driver authorization. Blended fuel oil is provided at several racks using Toptech MultiLoad hardware integrated into the load rack software system. Daily customer billing is provided as an integral feature.

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